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Kemonomimi for sale by whimsicalorchid Kemonomimi for sale :iconwhimsicalorchid:whimsicalorchid 3 0
So far, it had been a tiring day – a trying day, for her mind and heart.
The vacant sound of their empty room was nothing that helped her wounded heart. She could hear the echo of her ceiling fan and whatever music played softly in the background on her laptop. The sounds and voices that escaped it eased the pain in her. Still early it seems, the lingering presence of him was still in the air. Still in her pillows that she felt his lingering warmth though her body had to compensate for the need of warmth to his hands, and yet when warmed they became so searing to the touch. The lack of him near her was detrimental to being. All she had was the silence and the smell of him against her pillows. After she cleaned what needed and busied herself in some fashion, she had fallen into their bed with her face pressed into their pillows. Faceplanted she breathed him in lung fulls. One after the other till she could only groan in that feminine way. Arms would wound about the pillow as she wo
:iconwhimsicalorchid:whimsicalorchid 1 0
The endless night have started again
My mind racing, pacing, sounding again
I know I haven't been possibly the best..
Whatever you wish to call me in relative to you
But I assure, I don't wish to treat you like the rest
There is a constant pain inside that overruns me
It is almost like I'm always powerless and hungry
My heart aching and soundless
Like I'm caged, and not boundless, its
Almost as if I'm falling in a trap
And the act, has only strengthened my need to attack
But, I certainly know that this is not the way
So please I assure you I wish for you to stay
Because, perhaps belatedly, I know that I'm doing it again
Pushing away the one I want the most without a hinge
For certain people I wear my heart on my sleeve
But the moment someone touches it, I recoil it seems
Forgive me for all the little that I've done
To cherish, to absorb, or bask in your love
I certainly feel less than par with things
Maybe you'll see my feelings, my apology, my pain
And hopefully, quite certainly, feel
:iconwhimsicalorchid:whimsicalorchid 0 0
Endless silence
I'm breathless again
Don't want to breath or my skin will bleed
And you'll see the emotions that wish to be free
I'll be silent
Cause I desire the remedy of united skin
Hard kisses and anchoring caress that
Will bring about my sure fin
It's only simple
That my thoughts have wandered this far
Yet again broken skin flutter at my heart
Once again I need to figure out how to start..
You don't know the temptation
The agonizing
in holding back, this burning in groin
and wishing these feelings were slown
The anchor tied at my ankle
I wish for you to hold me
Breath sweetly to me
And warp me with the mischief
As I cry
Roll against me
And instead of the grip of this all too familiar crease
Let you work waves for me to find peace
Strokes unfathomable
So pleasure is so much more tangible
Just an illegitimate night
My broken mind and softness
Molded and folded
Body bent sweet from the lonely
To embrace you
I want your world to swallow me
Hold me hostage and claim
So there is no room for the crease
:iconwhimsicalorchid:whimsicalorchid 0 0
Symptoms of a Lonely
It is time and time again that I succumb to the loneliness of my chest
One day I wish to draw a picture to show the black that drips from my heart
Yet I whisper to myself some comfort, in hopes I'll never start
I shake in my bones and in my knees, for all I want is rest
For when I do surrender to some form of sleep, the silence is the best
My body twists and turns outward at the feel of the pain
Never will a true subtle difference be considered a gain
Terrible nights, I sit up looking at the imaginary stars in my room
Attempting to remain oblivious to my impeding doom
Time and time again my tears fall down my cheeks ever so hollow
And still I wonder how much more pain must I continue to swallow
:iconwhimsicalorchid:whimsicalorchid 2 1
Dreams I
It was then that I knew your charming smile
Was an innocent fabric of my imagination
That there was no possible way you could be
The business, gentlemanly aesthetic
Would replace the norms and plain white tees
That there would be the laid before me
A young man around my own age
Specifically made just for me
I swoon to the figures of my dream, daring
To want peace, and contentment, and love
Yet scaring
Because I know not what He thinks of me above
Oh the gentle breeze of my heart fails me now
Please, I do not wish for a crown
Simple peace in my heart
From there, I'll give anything. Just to start.
:iconwhimsicalorchid:whimsicalorchid 2 0
I hear the gentle noises in my head
My heart twists in my chest for rapture
I quake silently, in my eyes there is no light today
The only truth is the famous phrases you wish to repeat
Because the more there is the less there will be to handle later
Only just one day would I love to not be at your mercy
Just one day to kill the switch in everything I feel
Where there doesn't have to be light to calm me
Just a simple soundlessness there
Where the hole in my chest doesn't quiver
My eyes open to the world and not my world
Not the grey and sadness that floods my vision day
After day after day after day
I'm ashamed of the certain complexity my mind words
Everyday I pray that the pressure will end
My chest will be alleviated of the hideous sensations
The innocence that I once harbored doesn't have to return
But I just would want this cratered feeling to go away
Even if just for a whole day
Just one day I'd like to see the emptiness not there
Smoothly walking in the light of the white sun
:iconwhimsicalorchid:whimsicalorchid 0 0
Asylum - Chapter 2
In the mist of my sleep, I had heard voices that wished to approach.
A group of quiet murmur of echoes that faded in and out of coherence.
The myriad of voice was maddening. Making me shake in the blackness that made up where my apparent dream had taken me.
Until a harsh, androgynous voice hushed the other's a sharp, "Silence!" A quiet whisper that had jolted my eyes open to look about the vacant abyss.
I call out sheepishly, "Hello?" The silence was definite.
The voice that had now spoken had led me to gulp down a knot in my chest and let it fall in my stomach. Creating an unseen tidal wave that splashed against the walls of my stomach.
"Hello?" I tried again.
However, no answer, yet again.
I try the call in variation and at different pitches.
Still I received no answer.
It wasn't until I curled up on my side once more that I heard a rustle just as I spoke, "God have mercy.."
A deep, yet womanly spoke a moderately feminine tone.
"Mercy" The voice laughing this t
:iconwhimsicalorchid:whimsicalorchid 0 0
Asylum - Chapter 1
By rough hands, I was been groped by unseen hands and perversely gazed upon by eyes covered by glasses. Women and Men, picking and prodding, pulling me by the mouth as they inspected me none too gently since it was my own fault for struggling against their hold on me. Pushed down by an invisible force, I saw a black blur.
Too busy trying to figure out what exactly was going on; I did not come to realize that there was a large needle inching towards my neck until it pierced my flesh. A sharp, pathetic sound ripped through my throat and the dark yellow ooze was injected.
I fell, limp against the chest of some random fellow, gripping the material of his shirt as my only security. My very pitiful gaze turning to each body that I can make out with these slowly-becoming-useless-eyes, asking for mercy that would not come, at least not from these ministers of a place that I did not know and I did not want to know either. I stared up a dull, ashen ceiling my gaze beginning to fade out. It was o
:iconwhimsicalorchid:whimsicalorchid 0 0
Asylum - Intro
In my gaze was a putrid sightlessness.
It was black and unrelenting. The darkness arching its evil wings over my face.
The white doors and walls that locked me inside the blasted room would perhaps be the end of me. I was rocked and pulled and pushed by an invisible force as the black carriage brought me further and further into a place where I could not see. Such strange form of transportation despite we being in this modern age. It was a hideous illusion that we were going towards some kind of place for sight seeing. But ultimately, where we were going, I did not know. I could not figure out what position would be best to settle in but it wouldn't take long now since suddenly there was bump that raddled me. The carriage's wheels settled on a flat, grey pavement surface and I could rise up on my knees, pushing myself off my bound hands.
Above, a dark cloud was following us. The snap of the whip called the deep brown horses to quicken their steps as the thunder rolled over me and I cou
:iconwhimsicalorchid:whimsicalorchid 1 0


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Just call me Whimsi or Emz.
I'm just an art hoe who wants to be some shabby fantasy author.

Don't mind the dusty old writing, it's a rare and no-pondered-at-all-idea of me actually putting anything new up. But, I do write fanfictions on Ao3 if you're curious. I've just reduced to mostly ordering a bunch'a commissions. They can usually be seen in my favorites in any of the accts I have which is DA, Weasyl, FA.
I can be found on under the same names there, if need be. Usually just Whimsi or WhimsicalOrchid.


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